Jolinda Linden

Artist: Jolinda Linden (American, 1968 - )

Jolinda Linden’s artwork is best described as ‘two-dimensional sculpture.’ Each piece is comprised of hundreds or thousands of small, unique components meticulously created to combine into multi-level compositions. Enhanced by a mostly monochromatic palette, Linden’s ceramic patterns on two-dimensional supports represent the tactile aesthetic of repetition.

From her earliest art workshop at age five to her art education at the University of Montana and beyond, Jolinda has been entranced by clay. Her pieces represent a continuing commitment and exploration of the medium. The methodical approach evident in each piece mirrors Jolinda’s disciplined work ethic. With each artwork relating to the next and every tile informed by the one before it Linden’s compositions are a resonance of unique repetition and pattern.

Linden’s high shine glazes, often juxtaposed by a rough, unglazed surface, draw the eye and create emotion for the viewer. Glazing techniques and the metamorphic properties of additional elements are important to Linden’s work. Be it the calm of repetitive elongated loops or the tension of tonal evolutions and contrasts, Jolinda creates subtle, captivating compositions that viewers identify unthinkingly.

The real caveat to Jolinda’s work, is that, viewer or collector, one absolutely must experience the panels in person. Transparent glazes, uncut edges, melted wire and evolving processes lend a deceptive air of spontaneity to Linden’s body of work. It is a feeling that is almost tangible, an effect I wouldn’t hesitate to describe as “Rothkoesque.” Despite this calming affect, the work is akin to a dance at the marriage of science, reason, and intuition. It is this reconciliation, or controlled tension, that adds a very distinctive element to the already diverse Vancouver art scene, and makes Jolinda Linden one of the artists to watch on the west coast.

— Michele Becker, Becker Galleries, Vancouver, BC, 2009